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January 4, 2011
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When I woke up, I thought that today would be like any other day: ordinary and boring. I knew it was my birthday, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that nothing exciting would happen to me. I rolled out of bed, took a shower and got dressed for the day. I decided to go out and visit a friend for the day.

I've been friends with her for a while, so she should remember that today is my birthday.

I've confided many secrets into her, and she's confided many with me. One of the major secrets that only her, her mom and I know is that she isn't fully human. She's half esper. An esper is a magical being with extreme powers, and I'll leave it there. We have a lot of fun with her powers, whether that be causing major confusion to someone or simply creating food out of thin air. By the time I reached her house, I was excited about what we would do today. We have this deal where I get to pick what we do on one day and she gets to pick on the next. Yesterday was my turn, so I was psyched about her choice on my birthday. Oh, right. I should've mentioned her name by now. Her name is Tori.

"Hey, Theo!" Tori answered the door right after I'd knocked. She called me Theo, which is short for my real name, Theodore. It doesn't bother me at all, as I've had FAR worse nicknames.

"Hey, Tori."

"Ready for our adventures today?"

"Yeah, sure."

"OK, I know what we're doing today. However, there are two parts to today's fun. The first is the use of powers that we always start with. The second is my present to you for your birthday, which comes quite a bit later."

"OK, let's go. What did you have in mind for the power?"

"Let's head out to the park."

When we reached the park, she started to look around. I knew EXACTLY what she was doing: looking for a target. She had to be planning something.

"Ah, found one."

She started casting a spell, one that I recognized from what we often do. It's a simple hypnosis spell that makes the target think whatever you want them to. It's a lot of fun in a highly populated area, since you can make them cluck like a chicken, or act like a cow, or eat grass, or.... You the the idea. This time, she picked for the person to start skipping around the park, singing "Here we go 'round the mullberry bush" the whole time. It got several laughs from others around us, and we started laughing hysterically.

"Hoo, that was rich."

"Yeah, I've been planning on that one for a while. I wanted to wait until a really good time to use it."

"So, what, that's part of my gift?"

"No, no. I just thought that, since we haven't done hypnosis in a while, I'd blast him with it."

Meanwhile, the guy had started to sing "Mary had a Little Lamb". This got even more laughs from the people around us.

"What did you DO to him?"

"He thinks he's a 5-year old girl, who loves to skip and sing nursery rhymes."

"You are SO evil."

"Oh, don't worry. It'll wear off in about ten minutes."

"You're still evil."

"Thanks, I know. So... wanna go back to my house and celebrate your birthday? My gift will come later in the day."

"OK, sure. Why not?"

After playing several hours of Super Smash Bros. Melee (and Brawl), Mario Kart Double Dash, Soul Calibur III and Shadow of the Colossus, she turned to me.

"So, ready for your gift?"

"Yeah. You've been really building this up; I'm dying to know what it is."


She started to cast another spell, but it was one that I wasn't familiar with. It sounded like she'd practiced the spell, though, so I wasn't too worried. It didn't sound like it had no direct target, though. That meant it wasn't some sort of visual effect in the air. In fact, from some of the words I DID recognize, it sounded like the target was whoever she was looking at, namely me. She finished the incantation and smiled.

"OK, done. Follow me."

I stood up and walked behind her. She walked into the bathroom, and I stopped.

"Come on! NOTHING is going to happen between us in here, and NEITHER one of us is taking off their clothes."

That comforted me, so I followed her.

"OK, I set the spell to activate thirty seconds after I finished casting it. Which should be right about... now. Look in the mirror."

I followed orders, and saw myself starting to shrink. And I didn't just shrink a little, I shrank a LOT. I went from five foot eleven to what appeared to be five foot four. My face became more rounded, and my facial hair receded into my skin. My legs felt as though my pants were directly touching them, instead of the leg hair that I had. My legs also felt as though I had lost some muscle mass, and they had become very slender. I'm no body builder, but my arms started to feel the same way. My fingers elongated, and my fingernails grew. My hair turned from a light brown or a dirty blonde to a moderate brown, and started to grow. It stopped extending when it reached the center of my back. My waistline became more rounded and evident, as did my eyes. My chest started to expand a little bit, stopping at B-Cup sized breasts. I felt my manhood slip away into womanhood. Then, my clothes started to change. My shirt turned pink, and slid off of my shoulders onto my chest. I felt a slight pressure, which I guessed was coming from a bra. Then, my pants started to fold in on themselves, traveling up my legs and turning black. They stopped at the top of my thighs. Finally, my underwear became better fitting of my new form and the material became softer, turning into panties. Tori turned to me and smiled.

"So, what do you think?"

"What do I think?" My voice had become soft and calm. "I think that this is weird. I'm not a girl!" I started to cry a little bit out of my right eye, and brought a finger up to stop it.

"You told me that you've wondered what life would be like as a girl... I've been practicing this spell for a while, just for that. If you want, I can change you back right now."

"Well, you're right... I HAVE wondered what life would be like as a girl for a little while, but I didn't want to be one for my whole life!"

"I remembered that you said that it would be temporary. The spell will reverse itself a year from today, on your next birthday."

"What about my family, and my other friends?"

"They'll all remember this version of you. So, you up to it?"

"...Yeah. I'll stay like this for a year. After all, it is temporary."


"So, what's my name? Theodore is a guy's name, you know."

"Hmm... how about Caroline?"

"I like that."

"Well, Caroline, let's get you home. It's late, your parents will be worried about you."

"Yeah, let's go."
Possible picture to go along with post-TG Theodore: [link]

OK, this is a day late for my birthday. I thought of this late last night, RIGHT as I was about to go to sleep. I decided to do it the next day. If you can't tell, Theodore is SOMEWHAT based on me. I don't have a friend who is half-human, half-esper IRL (duh...). However, the description of Theodore right as the TG starts is similar to me (height and hair color, mostly). His feelings on being a girl are similar to mine as well: if it's magical (nobody else remembers "me"), not permanent and no mental change involved, it's OK. Like me, he just wants to experience life for a little while as the "other half". The change also has to be complete, not just "below the head". Most of the people you see who HAVE surgically changed their genders can still be recognized due to facial structure. That's why it has to be MAGICAL change, the face has to become feminine as well AND it has to be temporary AND people around you remember the other half.

Now, before you mention a slight feeling of mental change at the end, allow me to remind you that he WANTED to experience life as a girl for a little while, just not through surgery. His curiosity got the better of him, and he remained as a girl for a year (same thing I would do...). Tori really was trying to help, not make him upset. In the end, she convinced him that it would be OK, only due to the fact that she followed the direct orders of one of his biggest secrets. He had told her two years ago that he was curious about what a girl's life is like and would like to experience it somehow, just without being permanent, the change being complete other than his mind and nobody ELSE remembering him. She followed those guidelines, which convinced him to play along. No mental change involved, ESPECIALLY because this is mildly based off of me.
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fantomethehedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011
wow this is good you do theas alot
mrhardy12 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Student General Artist
That a question? If so, I TRY to do these a lot. I have minor access to a computer. I DO have several ones up, but....
fantomethehedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
oh well it was half a qeustion half a complement
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student Writer
I don't know why you freaked out in the Author's comment but the story is good. I'm used to people writing TG stories for each other on someone's birthday not the person celebrating writing one for themself.
mrhardy12 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student General Artist
I freaked out because I noticed that there COULD BE some mental change read from this. I don't want that in this case.

As for the writing TG stories for each other, but not themselves: like you said, it's time to start trends. Besides, I saw a lot of Christmas TG stories, so...
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student Writer
Yeah, holdays and birthday's are the biggest thing that TG writers look forward to since you see it a lot. I don't really get into the holiday thing anymore due to no down time and I don't think I've honestly did anything for anyone's birthday XD. You don't really have to start trends but branching off from what everyone else does will help you out a lot, personally I get tired of seeing the same old thing so that's why I always branch out with my idea's. ^^
mrhardy12 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student General Artist
Yep. I'm the same way; almost everything's been done! Granted, if it's been done and it works, most people try to create their own version (and yes, this includes a "TG Soda" story that I'm planning to write eventually...). However, branching off from the norm in this genre REALLY helps to remove issues with people saying "you copied me", AND it helps give a breath of fresh air to the community.
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student Writer
I've never seen anyone complain about copying others work. It seems to get harder to do things. Usually when I come up with an idea it tends to be out of the norm, for example I wrote a murder TG story and it went very well XD.
mrhardy12 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student General Artist
That's true. I DID base my second-person story from the Favorite TG by fakenameyfakenamey. Our styles are similar, so I even used some of the same phrases WITHOUT looking at it for reference! I compared and modified afterwards. Man, that was a tough one to write. That and the fact that the story inspired me to write a second-person one are what made me link back to it.
halfpint51 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student Writer
Nothing wrong with that since you gave Fakey credit for it, I know how it feels inpsire someone to write stories such as these. :D
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